"Sounds of the South"

The Texas Brass takes you on a musical journey of the south with 10 original compositions reminiscent of  Texas, Louisiana and Mexico. A beautiful arrangement of Amazing Grace, a burning version of La Virgin de la Macarena and the bonus track Pilska Polska.

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Liner Notes

  1. Texas by Eddie Lewis
    Composed on the Fourth of July to be used as an original Patriotic work. Composition techniques include use of mixolydian introduction, clave-derived bass line, 16th century counterpoint and lydian augmented planning.

  2. Galveston Bay by Thomas Hulten
    The inspiration for Thomas to write this tune comes from his first visit to Galveston Island. Feeling warm sea breezes, seeing blue gray waters and palm trees, he thought "this is not even remotely like Sweden in February".

  3. Bayou Bugs by Thomas Hulton
    A fun song for jogging along Houston's Braes Bayou. Thomas reminds you to close your mouth while running to avoid catching any of the Bayou Bugs.

  4. Buffaloes on the Speedway by Thomas Hulton
    Houston has grown and so has this well known thoroughfare. From he rumble and smell of cattle herds to soccer-moms astride huge SUVs with cell phones holstered, this is a song of the contemporary south.

  5. Working on Main by Thomas Hulton
    Houston's South Main, Astrodome area. Looking for a good time? This song suggests an explicit story line.

  6. Big Foot Jake by Thomas Hulton
    Composed for Jakob Hulton. As an infant, Jakob was blessed with extraordinarily big feet. He has since grown into them, but still loves to dance to swinging dixieland.

  7. Gumbo Magic by Eddie Lewis
    What happens when you swing salsa rhythms? Answer: You get Second Line. Second line is a style of music indigenous to New Orleans, street bands, and Mardi Gras celebrations.

  8. Jugamos el Juego by Eddie Lewis
    Stylistically straddling a mambo, polka and merengue.

  9. La Cancion do Alguien by Eddie Lewis
    This song was originally written for jazz combo. The use of sostenuto emphasizes the harmonic structure.

  10. Baile de los Niņos by Eddie Lewis
    The canonic round takes all of the traditional rhythms of salsa percussion instruments and gives them pitches.

  11. La Virgen de la Macarena arr. Geoffrey Bergler
    A tribute to legendary trumpeter Raphael Mendez. The familiar opening and closing sections frame the rarely heard Paso Double section.

  12. Amazing Grace arr. Dr. Thomas Jenkins
    The chords are a recollection of those played by the piano accompanist for trumpeter Charlie Spivak in the late night performances at Atlanta's Hyatt Regency Hotel. The introduction and bridge are composed of original material featuring bucket-muted trombone.

Bonus Track: Pilska Polska
The sound of Sweden by Thomas Hulten and guest vocalists.

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